Passive Skills will give the player the bridge to make them more effective within the team dynamic. PvP has been a thorn in the side of most superhero games. The most effective PvP puts competing players on an equal footing. All participants in PvP will be placed at the same level and all damage types will be balanced to a zero-sum level against defense/resistance types. This will allow tactics such as positioning and use of the environment to play a significant role in winning in PvP. Powers will accentuate skill in PvP, not replace it.

Fighting Icon


You are a master of battle. Allows you to see the weakness in an opponent and apply the right attacks. Fighting improves accuracy and increases damage against weaknesses.​

Fitness Icon


Your skill is focused on your own physicality. No matter what your power, you skill is the ability to make your form as perfect as possible. Fitness improves personal health, endurance, defense, and resistance.​

Charisma Icon


People want to hear you speak and trust what you say. Charisma erodes the confidence of your enemies, lowering their accuracy and attack rates, while boosting those of you and your allies. Charisma also allows you to discover more information from contacts and reveal more clues from defeated enemies.

Intelligence Icon


You can create a weapon from nearly anything and no riddle is unsolvable. Intelligence allows you to analyze any trap and calculate an escape. Intelligence also allows you to create temporary powers from any salvage dropped to help either you or your allies.​

Wisdom Icon


One must always see the forest despite the trees. Wisdom gives you the ability to plot the best course through any maze or mission. Wisdom helps you and your allies determine how an enemy will attack and reveal their weaknesses. Wisdom also allows you avoid traps and discover a villain’s master plan, giving you a short cut to a final confrontation. ​

Image Credit goes to stone-star rpg