The first thing you will do when creating a new character is select their race. Along with your origin, your characters race will determine the types of missions and training affiliations your character will start with. Initially the Marvel Universe Online will have three playable races, listed below. 

More races will be introduced as the game develops, giving players even more variety in character creation. Ultimately players will even have the ability to create hybrid characters, opening up even more dynamic affinities.

Races, Origins, and Training Facilities are interchangeable, with the exception of Humans with Mutant origins. Players are encouraged to experiment to find their ideal character builds. 


The baseline intelligent species of Earth, humans have the greatest genetic diversity in the known universe. With such flexibility, humans have a great affinity for Science, Technology, and Natural origins. With the help of artifacts and modifications, they can gain an affinity for Magic.

Although considered the least adept in the use of their powers of the three starter races, Humans are the most adaptive and can utilize any origin-based modifications except mutation.


Believed to be the result of genetic manipulation by the mysterious cosmic beings know as the Celestials, mutants develop a wide variety of active and passive abilities when puberty triggers the x-gene the source of their mutation. Mutants have a high affinity for Mutation and (to a limited degree) Magic. They can gain an affinity for Technology through artifacts and modifications. Due to their heavy reliance on their mutations, have a limited affinity for Natural and Science origins.

Mutants are considered the most adapt at the use of their powers and are considered the most powerful of the starter races. The trade off is the high hurdles for access to other origin-based modifications than mutation. 


In an attempt to create living weapons in their war with the Skrulls, the Kree empire tinkered with the human genome to create the Inhumans. The terrigen-triggered mutations of the Inhumans are limited to more active, combat abilities. The Inhumans have a higher affinity for Mutation and Science. They can gain an affinity for Technology through artifacts and modifications, but due to their reliance on their mutations and Kree-based technology, have limited affinity for Natural origins.

Inhumans fall somewhere in between Human and Mutant, with more flexibility with their affinities than Mutants, but more adept with their powers than Humans. 

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