A Massively Multiplayer Superhero / Supervillain Simulator

To monetize the entertainment of an MMO (or Open-World, Multiplayer RPG), we must first understand the path the player will take from creating an account to the ultimate end-game experience. The Marvel Universe Online would like a system that starts with a subscription, but gives the player the options to focus content based on their interests. Each subscription package has an option for three, six, or twelve month commitments, with the ability to cancel at any time. 

We want to adhere to a motto of “Give big. Sell small”.


Baseline Subscription: This give the player access to all the training zones, (New York, Latvaria, Genoshia, etc.) initial number of character slots, and all events within those zones. This doesn’t prevent you from teaming, side-kicking, or mentoring (co-op) into other zones.


My Pull List: This gives the player the baseline zones as well as discounted access to areas of interest. For example, you may participate in an “Atlantis Attacks” event in New York, but you may not be interested in opening up Atlantis as a zone. Your Pull List lets the player choose their path with prices targeting their interests. If a zone includes new races or new (non-temp) abilities, these are also included in the purchase. This also doesn’t prevent you from participating in teaming, side-kicking, or mentoring (co-op) in those zones.

Everything All The Time

The Works! The Works gives the player access to all new zones, events and costume pieces. Character slots must still be purchased, but at a discounted price.

Baseline subscribers who operate in the training zones, will get a taste of the greater Marvel Universe as the hubs for everything that happens and will have the flexibility to modify their account whenever they choose. We want the baseline player to feel that there is so much content for them to experience that the greater universe is just icing on an already huge cake.

Notice that there was no mention of a $60 box price. The Marvel Universe Online is so confident in the product, we believe we can forgo the expense of manufacturing and packaging physical media and instead focusing on a fully virtualised sales model.

Revenue streams don’t stop with player accounts. With the games growing popularity, we have the opportunity for interactive advertising within the appropriate zones. Linking billboards, signs, and storefronts to actual retail store websites. Marvel could stream movie and TV trailers, promote merchandise, or provide players with exclusive deals on Marvel products. As the main hero hubzone, Manhattan lends itself natively to this form of advertising, without it feeling intrusive or out of place.

This plan also allows for interactive local comic shops to appear in-game as well. Players can simply provide the web address of their local comic shop and have it linked to a virtual version. The shop gets a notification that they have been recommended for the Y.L.C.S. (Your Local Comic Shop) program and if they want to participate, they pay a small maintenance fee and they become visible in-game to all the players that support them.

This idea creates a “gamified” multimedia and e-commerce center that focuses on all things Marvel, but can be expanded to other products in cooperative advertising agreements.​