Trials let players test their mettle in a closed environment either solo or as a team against increasingly difficult opponents and scenarios.

In the Marvel Universe Online we take the concept of alternate realities to allow players to experience versions of the Marvel Universe that lie outside the normal continuum. In the comics, there are two well-known locations that are doorways to alternate universes, the first is…

Image: Manthing by DopePope


The Nexus, located in swamps of southern Florida, is guarded by the creature known as the Man-Thing. The Man-Thing is the living embodiment of the swamp and as such has complete control of his surroundings. To get through the Nexus, the player will have to battle Man-Thing and as such, will be attacked by the very swamp you stand in. If you manage to survive, you will be granted access to the Nexus and the trials associated with it…



This trial puts the player against EVERY well-known character in the Marvel Universe. The more kills the player gets, the more powerful the characters, the player will face. Use stealth, guile, or even a huge gun to hunt down and kill the stars of your favorite comics. Agent 47 has got nothing on you!



In this trial, the tables have turned and you find yourself in a universe where you are the only warm body. Everyone in the universe wants something you have, namely your brains! Now where did you put that exit? Oh yeah, the goal of this trial is to find the exit before you become one of the walking, flying, or super-speeding dead. Death hasn’t dampened the zombies’ enthusiasm or their powers, so that shotgun axe isn’t going to stop the Hulk from making you a quick snack!


The second set of trials takes players to the far-reaches of space to the Shiar Empire and the…


M'Kraan Crystal

Home to the “White Hot Room” birthplace of the Phoenix Force, the M’Kraan crystal is fracturing and threatening to destroy all there is if your team can’t fix it, but to do that, your team must get past it’s guardians , the diminutive Jahf, a paragon-level character who is shorter than Puck, but more powerful than the Hulk. Defeating Jahf opens a brief window of time to reach the crystal. It’s a mad dash for your team to make contact, because if you don’t, you will face Modt, a cosmic-level character that will seek and destroy any and all intruders. The key to Modt is to hide and not die. If you survive the M’Kraan defenders and reach the crystal, you and your team will be swept away to…


Marvel What If?

Your team takes the place of famous hero teams in some of Marvel most famous alternate historical events. “What if the Avengers lost the Evolutionary War?” or “What if the Fantastic Four had lost the trial of Galactus? The objective of your team will be to fix the continuum by succeeding where the originals failed. The fate of the multiverse is in your hands!



You and your team find yourselves in the Mojoverse where ratings are king and everyone loves baby-fied heroes! Your team of bed-wetters have to escape your playpen, sneak past the nannies and find Mojo’s right-hand witch Spiral and kick her in the shins until she sends you back to the real world! Be careful, for the Mojoverse is wrought with perils, especially for pint-sized versions of your former selves.

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