The Web of Destiny


noun 1. foreknowledge of an event, especially foreknowledge of a paranormal kind.

Early in their careers, two of the greatest seers of future events began a secret friendship and collaboration to understand the impact of their visions. Irene Adler, who would be known as “Destiny” and Cassandra Webb, the future “Madame Webb” discovered that when “Precogs” coordinated their visions of the future, those predictions were more accurate. They came to believe that individual visions were skewed by the perspective of the Precog. With their combined abilities, both women were able to see their own deaths, resurrections, and all the tragedies in between.


The women hatched a secret plan to connect everyone with precognition into a global network allowing individuals the power and accuracy of all the others. The plan relied on certain events to come to pass in the future, one they would prevent, one they would allow, and one they would warn of. The first event was M-Day, the mental breakdown of Wanda Maximoff, leading to her reality-altering powers eliminating most of the mutant population. Clues left after Irene Adler’s death in her “Destiny Diaries” helped Maximoffs mentor Agatha Harkness discover the residual essence of the Elder God Chthon in Wanda’s mind. This is the event prevented. Next would be the failure of the Avengers to stop the detonation of the gene-bombs that led to the accelerated development of powered people on Earth. This would be the event allowed. Finally the event warned would seem to be impossible as both Madame Webb and Destiny were both dead, but the ability to see the future is not without its benefits.

During her last resurrection as a Techno-Organic entity Destiny, before her death, secretly left a part of herself dormant with her genetic code. At a similar time, Madam Webb had been resurrected by the evil geneticist, the Jackal. Before her death, Webb had transmitted the data for the cloning process to the viral code left by Destiny. The process created a perfect replica of Irena Adler’s body, but with the brain patterns of both Destiny and Webb. They would complete the final trigger by warning Professor Charles Xavier of the impending proliferation of super-powered people and the global war that would ensue. With global destruction averted and the creation of the Initiative, the duel consciousness now known as Madam Destiny would be free to pursue the creation of the global precognitive network that would be known as “The Web of Destiny”. The Web would allow anyone with the ability to see the future to coordinate their localized predictions with others to increase their accuracy. Accessing more of the Web requires more skill and concentration from heroes (villains) of increasingly higher levels.

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