World of Marvels will expand the Marvel Universe Online to include two new hub cities and a wide variety of smaller, stand-alone locations from across Earth 619. Each location will provide players with new types of adversaries and opportunities to develop their characters to meet the challenges of a growing world. World of Marvels takes advantage of the development techniques learned from City of Marvels and lets the creative teams focus on quality of life improvements, player engagement, and some of the more persistent bug issues that are common for such a game.

With threats now on a global scale, your powers and mobility will also increase as players can now unlock the “Paragon (Scourge)” level of power. Either through advancing an existing character that has reach the limits of the “Superhero (Super Villain)” to the level of Paragon, or creating a new Paragon, players are not forced to start from zero with each new character they create. 

With the expanded world also comes larger scale battles, rescues, and globetrotting narratives. This will tests the limits of the scalability, dynamic narratives, and ultimately give them the opportunity to test the first iterations of procedural technology, something we hope can be applied to large areas around zones to allow players the chance to explore beyond the narrow confines of hub and spoke locations.

Wakanda Earth 619

Of all the modern nations on Earth, Wakanda was hit hardest by the global Civil War, having been the deciding vote in the ratification of the Superhuman Registration Act, many of its newly powered tribes felt they did not have a say in the ultimate decision. Many tribes, who were now majority powered, rebelled against the ruling Panther tribe. At the same time, on the god plane, the Panther god Bast stood alone in defending the now weakened barrier between the realm of gods and man from the forces of other African gods wishing to usurp his claim to Wakanda. The battle was pitched, but the outcome was never in doubt.  When Bast fell, the Pantheon Wars had officially come to Wakanda.

Some used lost idols, ancient bloodlines, or outright possession to entice Wakandans to become avatars of Vodū Pantheon. Through their avatars, the gods of the Vodū sought to purge the Spirit of Bast from the land of Wakanda and many of the other tribes, seeing this as a way to humble to Panther royalty were happy to help. By the end of the wars, Wakanda was devastated, with thousands of lives lost and property damage in the billions. Bast pleaded his case before the mystical triumvirate, the Vishanti and was granted his claim to Wakanda, but would not prevent the Wakandan people from accepting freely given powers from other pantheons. On Earth, the Panther tribe agreed to more open power sharing with the Tribal Council on national matters. Their first joint legislation was to allow the International Office of Damage Control to aid in the reconstruction of the nation’s infrastructure. Damage Control was one of the first outside entities to establish an official office in Wakanda. As part of the agreement with the Tribal Council, the role of the Black Panther would be as a representative of the Wakandan people to the world. As such, King T’challa abdicated the thrown to his sister Shuri to become a founding member of the Initiative.  Plans are in the works to establish an official training facility in Wakanda, open to the world. There is a level of cautious optimism about allowing more and more outside influence into the once isolated nation, but Queen Shuri believes it is time for Wakanda to become a leader in the new global future!

Wakanda Hero Zone – Magic / Technology

Size – medium


Primary Villains – The Serengeti Society, a global network of exotic animal poachers in the guise of a wildlife conservation group. Founded by Sergei Kravinoff aka “Kraven the Hunter”, the organization of big game hunters seek to control the natural resources of the African Continent for their own gains.

NPCs – Wakandan citizens represent their tribes in their fashion, with the more well-to-do sporting more traditional dress, while the middle class tend to blend modern urban style with distinct Wakandan accents. The rural classes tend to shy away from the technologies of the city and tend to dress in more common garbs. With more influence from the outside, there is a growing “Afropunk” subculture. Wakandan Rave parties are said to be some of the wildest on the continent.

The Royal T’Chaka Institute For Heroic Technomancy: Many tribal leaders in Wakanda opposed Queen Shuri’s decision to open Wakanda to the outside world. To appease their fears, she reestablished the Hatut Zeraze (Dogs of War), the Wakandan secret police, to keep close watch on the new heroes operating in Wakanda. Every new player in the Wakanda zone will be escorted by a War Dog and guided by them through the training process. Once training is completed, the player character is certified as an “Agent of Wakanda” with full rights and privileges to perform hero work.

Graduation Tool: Solid Sound Emitter This wrist-mounted device utilized Vibranium technology to create solid sound constructs. The device is low power and can only create a shield (Smashing/Piercing Def) or a spear (Piercing Attack), although the configuration is customizable by the player.

The Dead-End Bar and Grill (Unlocked with the “Follow the Riders” mission)

Small zone – Magic – Neutral (hero/villain)


On an unfinished off ramp of old Route 66 in the middle of the desert is a bar that can only be seen by those sensitive to demonic possession.

The bar sits on mystical lay lines and is a gathering place for demons from all the hell dimensions.

Raunchy Bar with loud music, neon light, and pyrotechnics (Think the Titty Twister from Dusk till Dawn)

Enthralled NPCs are drawn to the Dead End where there is a line to enter

The large parking lot is filled with all manner of abandoned cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The vehicles get older and older the closer you get to the entrance until eventually it‘s broken down horse-drawn wagons attached to dead horse skeletons.

Only Humans can enter through the front, demons enter from the restrooms.

Demons can only pass through the front entrance into the mortal world inside a human host. This is called “Bronco Busting” by demon regulars.

Missions Givers (Waitresses) – There are four demon waitresses that give the four parts of the “Follow the Riders” mission. Each requires you to trace the path taken by one of the four Hell Riders in their mission to close a dimensional rift and defeat the demons that have passed through. As a hero, you will aid the Rider in his mission, but as a villain, you will help the demons defeat the Rider and solidify the rift into a portal to that particular hell.

Mission Givers (Lavern and Mac) – Lavern, the demon bartender is fallen angel and will give the player regular missions involving demons from non-god realms. Mac is the cook and former general in Surtur’s army, will give players missions related to demons from god realms. Both are unlocked after completing the “Follow the Riders” mission.

PvE- Demons cannot pass through the front entrance and into the mortal plane without possessing one of the human “guests”. As a hero, although you are powerless inside the bar, you can either use a psychic power to break the trance of the humans waiting to get in or try to stop the demon, now possessing a hosts from leaving the zone. Break too many trances and the Doormen (possessed by powerful demons) will try to stop you. Defeat them to regain the respect of the demons inside.

As a villain, you will try to gain favor with the demons inside by stealing a portion of the souls of the “guests” waiting outside, again don’t get caught by the Doormen or you too will find yourself in a pitch battle. The more souls you can spread around inside the bar, the more side missions you can unlock.

PvP – A hero freeing the “guests” is automatically flagged for PvP, the same goes for a villain stealing souls. If the battle is engaged while a demon is trying to escape, he will automatically help the one with less health, regularly switching sides until one is defeated. The defeated hero or villain is possessed by the demon and is forced out of the zone on a 5-minute cool down timer.

New Genosha Earth 619

Medium Zone – Mutant – Villain


  • A mutant utopia combining nature and technology in perfect harmony
  • The Acolyte Council forms the Legislative Branch of government with President Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto) as the nation’s Chief Executive.
  • The Genoshan social class system has mutants with more a “human” appearance at the top. The more “monstrous” a mutant looks, the lower down the social scale they are. Humans “gene-jokes” are at the very bottom of the social scale and are relegated to menial labor.
  • Genosha survived the “Wild Sentinel” attack, being repulsed by the combined might Magneto and his Acolytes. The instigator of the attack that cost the lives of thousands of mutants was never discovered. The attack was the turning point in mutant/human relations on the island, with many humans fleeing mutant retribution.


The Secrets of New Genosha

  • The world was astounded by Genosha’s (now called New Genosha) quick recovery after the attack. This was due to the island nation being integrated with a portion of the living mutant island known as Krakoa. Years before, the leader of the Acolytes, Exodus, discovered a meteorite containing living tissue from Krakoa, who had been launched into space years before in a battle with the X-men. Exodus used his knowledge of genetics and some of the same techniques used in his creation by the mutant Apocalypse to grow and enhance the Krakoan sample and spread it across the foundation of New Genosha. Now the island nation can create any structures and sustenance needed for its inhabitants.
  • Magneto is Dead, Long Live Magneto! Exodus stood along side Magneto during the attack, but what no one realized was that the real Eric Lehnsherr died in the attack. In the aftermath, Exodus saw mutants curse Lehnsherrs name and he began to believe that mutants were no better than humans in their pettiness and hatred. For many months, Exodus impersonated Magneto while establishing the new government. After Krakoas integration, he discovered he could simply make a replica of the fallen leader fully under his control using Krakoan “pods”.
  • To promote the false image of a nation of mutant and human harmony, the President invited representative of several nations to visit the island to see how far they had advanced. Secretly, many of the representatives had been replaced by pod people; sent back into the outside world with caches of Krakoan pods to continue replacing key individuals worldwide.
  • After the “Event”, many of the humans living on New Genosha gained superpowers, with many “lower-class” mutants having their powers significantly enhanced. This shift threatened to disrupt the balance of power on the tiny nation. Krakoa itself was also enhanced by the pulse wave, now capable of creating an army of “Peace Enforcers” at Exodus’ command.


The New Genosha School for Mutant Excellence and “Operative X”

  • The President of New Genosha, under the control of Exodus, forms an alliance with the villain organization the Cabal and establishes a training facility for mutants of low morality and violent tendencies. To gain the support of the Cabal, New Genosha would also have to accept powered human villains as well. Following the example of Victor von Doom in Latveria, Exodus knew he would need these “villains” to augment his Peace Enforcers in maintaining control and his grip on power, especially after the discovery of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base right under his nose!
  • The mutant Lorna Dane aka Polaris had long suspected something was off about the rise of New Genosha and its President; her estranged father Eric Lehnsherr aka Magneto. When it went offline, the S.H.I.E.L.D. deep cover base located in Hammer Bay, was able to send one last communication. S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to track the communication to Polaris. The message was simply two words, “Project Joseph”. S.H.I.E.L.D.  recruits Polaris now code-named Operative X to infiltrate New Genosha with a team of mutants and powered humans. Their directive was to discover the meaning of Project Joseph and exposed the truth about New Genosha.

  • The Peace Enforcers – These biomechanical beings are created by the living biomass of the island combined with its technology to create “living” sentinels capable of temporally mimicking any superpower. Once targeted, a subject is drained of life force until subdued. Enforcers come in various configurations and can contain any threat up to a fully powered supervillain


  • The Brotherhood – This group of young wealthy mutants who believe in mutant superiority. Members, many of whom are children of members of the Hellfire Club, enjoy a life of luxury on the island and often go unpunished as they abuse lower class mutants and humans.
  • The Lowtown Morlocks – Like their brethren beneath the sewers of New York City, the Lowtown Morlocks hate the society built on their backs and the lie that is mutant human harmony. They are often seen vandalizing property or using their powers to disrupt city supplies and utilities. They are untrusting of outsiders, especially humans.


  Heroes caught illegally accessing the zone will automatically be flagged for PvP, by level-appropriate villains. Villains will be on the lookout for Operative X recruits attempting to access various comm nodes across the city. Accessing these nodes will also flag a hero for PvP.