Avenger Academy: “V.I.C.T.O.R.” Virtual interactive Combat Training and Observation Room

Cousin to the advanced A.I. known as HOMER, VICTOR is the only system capable of recreating “Cosmic-Level” threat simulations. VICTOR simulates past Avengers battles and adapts them to any individual or team of trainees. Success is measured by the difficulty of the scenario, speed of completion, and amount of collateral damage. 

Learn if you have what it takes to become one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the ….


Graduation Tool: Avengers Priority ID Card

The most advanced mobile telecommunications device on the planet, the Avengers Identicard grants the user "Cosmic-Level" S.H.I.E.L.D. security clearance. The card provides in-game communications among graduates and a boost to charisma when presented to NPCs.

Training Facility Focus – Avenger Academy

All NPCs are on a rotating roster so all static positions in the facility will be manned by different NPCs at any given time. Primary NPCs will persist longest on the roster. Occasionally, known support NPCs will also roam the halls for players to greet and interact with.

Position Welcomers (Primary Jarvis, Jacosta) Located at the entrance of the main floor, this is the first contact the players will interact with to begin their tutorial (training) at the facility

Position Professor of Robotics and Cybernetics (Primary Aaron Stack) This class will introduce the player to variety of tech-based villains from MODOK to the Super Adaptoid. 

Position Professor of Applied Quantum Physics (Primary Hank Pym) This class will focus on threats both cosmic and quantum in nature 

Position Professor of Applied Technology / Field Combat Training (Primary James Rhodes) Col. James Rhodes Ret. has volunteered to pull double duty from Camp Hammond to teach trainees proper combat tactics.

Position Professor of Mathematics / Tactical Applications (Primary Amadeus Cho) This class teaches the player how to use the Avengers Database to find weaknesses in tough opponents or to find clues to complex missions 

Position Professor of Engineering and Fabrication Technologies  (Primary Jonathan Silvercloud) The mutant Forge was given the opportunity to bridge mutant/human relations and apply his “technopathic” powers on Stark technology. Forge will help players engineer temp powers and upgrades.

By interacting with NCP heroes, player can gain tips and information not found going through the training rotation, so it encourages players to visit their respective training facilities at various times to get a wide variety of NPC interactions. Players are also encouraged to explore their facilities for lore-based content, badges, and collectibles scattered throughout.

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