In the beginning, there was Health and Endurance. City of Heroes eventually added several other status modifiers such as Rage and Scourge. In this game there are only three, health, endurance, and strength.


The balance between strength and endurance is delicate. A super speeder doesn’t use much strength to run or to strike multiple targets, but will used a significant amount of endurance. That same speeder can focus their strength into a single-powerful blow that will drain his strength, but leave him with enough endurance to escape. Constantly applying holds, or holds to an increasing number of targets will require more endurance, while the intensity of those holds varies with the amount strength applied.



A standard in most games, health reflects the amount of life you have left before either death or incapacitation. In this game, your health bar remains constant, but as you increase in power and skill, you are able to conserve your health more efficiently or even become completely, but temporarily, invulnerable.​



Strength is the key variable to accessing your abilities. Whether lifting a heavy object, or focusing on healing an ally, your strength is the power behind the power. Your strength can be applied to any power, increasing the intensity of that ability based on the amount applied to it. Strength can be effected by in game modifiers or through level increases. Visual cues of increased strength let other see just how powerful you are.​



Endurance is your ability to perform a task as long as possible. In this game, endurance means just that, how often you can attack, defend, or simply endure. Your character will show signs of physical exhaustion as their endurance diminishes and may even collapse once it is completely gone.​

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