Every character has a story to tell. The adventures lived by the NPCs and the players are cataloged in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Online

Your characters creation starts with a blank entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Online. You design the character and give them a back story and as you progress through the game, your origin increases as well, recording the highlights of your ingame adventures. NPCs also have entries as well that also update as that character progresses. These act as “stat sheets” to familiarize yourself with both players and NPCs as you discover them.

Each NPC character has a history that culminates with their activities in and around the time of the “Event” that created the players. This builds a tapestry of lore for players to discover. The entries below feature custom artwork by up-and-coming comic artists, commissioned for the Marvel Universe Online Project to highlight their talents and bring the community together!

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