The “Cosmic” level of power is only achieved through “Objects of Empowerment”. These objects, fluid, solid, or energy will elevate your primary and secondary attack/control/Buff, defense/resistance, and travel powers to cosmic levels. This means all of these abilities are maxed out and special “empowerment” abilities are given to the player for the duration of the cosmic boost. There will be many of these objects throughout the Marvel Universe Online, but a few examples are…


The Uni-Power

(Science – Hero)

One of the rarest objects of empowerment, this gives the player the power of Captain Universe. At any given time, there is always a Captain Universe. With your attack/support/defense/resistance techniques maxed out, you also receive fantastic techniques such as:

Uni-Blast: A powerful blast that is always of a type that is strongest against any target

Uni-Vision: The ability to hypnotize any three super-villain level threats to use as your minions

Quantum Telekinesis: Tapping the Enigma Force around an object, you are able to lift and throw massive objects with your mind.

Trans-mode Field: This Plank-Scale field converts any incoming object or energy into something harmless. Missiles to moths, boulders to smoke, and flames to fireflies nothing harmful shall pass.


The Norn Stones

(Magic – Neutral)

These empowering stones are only accessible in the realm of Asgard and closely guarded by Karnilla, the Norn Queen. These stones are the very heart of mystical power in Asgard and as such, give the wielder the ability to bestow powers unto others. With your attack/support/defense/resistance techniques maxed out, you also receive fantastic techniques such as:

The Breath of Yimir: You are able to grant temporary, rapid-regenerating endurance. The more active the user, the faster the endurance regeneration

The Tree of Life: You grant the temporary ability for a player to rapidly regenerate their health as long as they are touching the ground.

The Spirit of Baldur: Brother of Thor and Loki and the god of Light, Baldur was blessed by his mother Frigga with invulnerability to all things but mistletoe, you can call upon his life-force to grant a player temporary invulnerability to all incoming attacks for 1 minute. Although the player is still susceptible to knockback effects, they will be completely protected from harm.

The Kurse of Algrim: The strongest of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, Algrim the Strong’s might is said to rival that of Thor himself. You are able to grant a level of strength 30% above the maximum of Paragon-level for 2 minutes.


World Ship Tech

(Technology – Neutral)

During the latest attempt by the World Eater, Galactus to consume the Earth, your team of Paragons (or Scourges) will be tasked to enter his “World Ship” to find the one thing that he fears, the Ultimate Nullifier. The only things in your way are not only the opposing team but, all of the Heralds of Galactus! How can anyone defeat that kind of cosmic might? Interfacing with the world ship itself is you only hope. The being known as Korvac was the only other being to do so and from this bonding was granted god-like power. (NOTE: Only the weakest member of your team can access this empowerment). With your attack/support/defense/resistance techniques maxed out, you also receive fantastic techniques such as:

The Essence of Korvac: You are able to astral-project part of your essence to possess any target, making them your slave, forcing them to fight for you. The longer you possess a target, the weaker the target becomes, but you must focus on the target to maintain the hold as long as possible.

Hyper Calculation: This power allows you to calculate the vectors of any attack allowing you to easily avoid them. This power also illuminates the weakness of any target and creates weapons for your allies to exploit them.

Power-in-Kind: This power allows you to mirror the might of any target for 1 minute. You become the irresistible force to their immovable object.

Cosmic Singularity: This power creates a gravitational singularity from the Power Cosmic. The force of this singularity will crush all but the most powerful beings and none can resist its pull, becoming completely unable to move. Any beings using the Power Cosmic will only feed the singularity, making its effects last longer.


Blood of Apocalypse

(Mutant – Villain)

En Sabah Nur was the first ever recorded mutant to walk the Earth. He devoted his life to the basic premise of “Survival of the Fittest” to this end, he came to be known as Apocalypse. To test the fitness of man and mutant kind, he would use his blood to bestow great power on four individuals whom he deemed his “Horseman”. Possessing the most potent form of this blood makes the player the embodiment of all four horsemen. With your attack/support/defense/resistance techniques maxed out, you also receive fantastic techniques such as:

Pestilence: This power allows you to create a large field of suffering where any target within it will suffer debilitating illness, unable to fight (NOTE: ineffective on machines). You are also able to select a single target to be plagued by all forms of vermin, immobilizing the target.

Famine: You are able to steal the strength and endurance of any target and bestow it on an ally. The more you drain, the more emaciated the target becomes, until they are unable to fight or even stand. This power also degrades the systems of machines causing them to fail and eventually become inert.

War: Your body is protected by an armor of pure force. This armor is capable of forming a powerful pulse canon from its right arm and various blades and bludgeoning weapons from its left arm. If not already equipped, you will also be granted the fighting and fitness passive abilities.

Death: You are the pale rider and the mist that emanates from you causes fear in all targets within a wide area. Any targets within your sight will suffer from degenerative health, endurance, and strength for the duration of your gaze. Narrowing your gaze to a single target, causes an accelerated draining until the target is defeated.

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