With a wide open view of the world of Earth 619, the game interface is as intuitive as it is informative!

Your game interface is designed to be fully customizable. Each section can be arranged to meet the players needs. The appearance can be customized as well with Origin-base skins to make it your own!

TARGET INDICATOR – Know the stats of every NPC you encounter. This information changes as each NPC is growing in skill along with the players. This information is automatically updated in the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK!

POWER SETS – Primary, Secondary, Passive, and Travel abilities are customizable at any point in your characters career! Combine origins to access new sets of POWERS !

Strength vs EnduranceUNIQUE STATUS BARS! You can set the amount of force applied to any power , but be warned, the more force (or stregnth) you use, the more endurance it cost you. Once your endurance if gone you are left helpless!

MINI MAP – As you discover new locations anywhere in the world of Earth 619 they will be highlighted in your mini map. Hot spots are constantly in flux and the world is never the way you left it! From supervillains to natural disasters, your mini map will guide you to the actions!

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