Origins determine a characters natural affinity. Your origin will determine the type of missions you will receive at lower levels, the type of enemy types that will actively seek you out and the types of salvage you can craft to create origin-based temporary powers. Throughout the game world there will be opportunities to either temporarily or permanently combine your origin to advance to higher levels. Some origins combine more fluidly giving a more significant boost in stats, while others less so. Below is a list of the Origin Affinities:

Science, Tech, Mutation, Magic

Tech, Natural, Mutation

Science, Natural

Natural, Magic, Science

Natural, Mutation

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An exposure to some chemical, biological, or radiological agent has changed your physical structure in some strange way.

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Whether of Earth, alien planet, or alternate dimension, your inherent abilities began at baseline human. With training and experience, you can perform at peak human levels.

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You wield some form of device either as a tool or as part of your body. It is this technology that cannot be recreated and is specific to the user.

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Your DNA was different from baseline human from birth, giving you special abilities. These abilities are as much a part of you as your arms or legs, making you a specialist with them.


You are a magical being, student of the arts, or a wielder of a magical object; you have tapped into the forces of the unknown.