Camp Hammond Combat Training Institute: Dynamic Obstacle Course aka “The Hump”

Nicknamed “The Hump” by trainees, the D.O.C. is an adaptive obstacle course that alters its configuration based on the skill of the trainee. No two people ever run the same course twice and no one has ever made it further than halfway or over the “Hump”!



An advanced platform that combines the 3KW Plasma Beam Pistol and .30 Cal Rapid Fire auto pistol, both of which have been standard-issue SHIELD sidearms for decades. The new PRP-409 utilizes both a higher caliber standard munition, but also a higher energy output with it new ionized plasma cartridges. Made of advanced composite materials, it is extremely light weight and durable. The system comes with a modular suite of computer-controlled targeting components allowing for 3x the accuracy of typical sidearms even under the most extreme conditions.


All NPCs are on a rotating roster so all static positions in the facility will be manned by different NPCs at any given time. Primary NPCs will persist longest on the roster. Occasionally, known support NPCs will also roam the halls for players to greet and interact with.

Position Welcomers: (Primary Agent Phil Colson, Agent Daisy Johnson) Candidate orientation briefings provide potential agents with the ins and outs of how to navigate the facility.

Position Chief Drill Instructor: (Primary Clint Barton) Your first instructor will be none other than the Avenger Hawkeye. Here you will learn how to fight along side powered heroes from one other the best in the  business!

Position Operations Coordination: (Primary Andrew Chord) This position trains the player in how coordinate field ops with military and law enforcement assets.

Position Survival Training Instructor: (Primary Shanna O’Hare-Plunder) Sometimes your missions will lead you into harsh environments. This position will teach you how to survive under the harshest field conditions. From deserts to jungles, your greatest tool of survival is your wit and your training.

Position Marksmanship Instructor: (Primary James Buchannan Barns) The Winter Soldier himself will train new candidates on how to use a wide variety of ordinance with a hero-level of proficiency.

Position Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor: (Primary Shang-Chi)  This position is lead by only the most prolific masters of unarmed combat in the world. Your instruction will guide you through the various techniques as well as the ability to seamlessly blend diverse fighting styles. 

By interacting with NCP heroes, player can gain tips and information not found going through the training rotation, so it encourages players to visit their respective training facilities at various times to get a wide variety of NPC interactions. Players are also encouraged to explore their facilities for lore-based content, badges, and collectibles scattered throughout.

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