New Genosha Earth 619

Medium Zone – Mutant – Villain


  • A mutant utopia combining nature and technology in perfect harmony
  • The Acolyte Council forms the Legislative Branch of government with President Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) as the nation’s Chief Executive.
  • The Genoshan social class system has mutants with more a “human” appearance at the top. The more “monstrous” a mutant looks, the lower down the social scale they are. Humans “gene-jokes” are at the very bottom of the social scale and are relegated to menial labor.
  • Genosha survived the “Wild Sentinel” attack, being repulsed by the combined might Magneto and his Acolytes. The instigator of the attack that cost the lives of thousands of mutants was never discovered. The attack was the turning point in mutant/human relations on the island, with many humans fleeing mutant retribution.

The Secrets of New Genosha

  • The world was astounded by Genosha’s (now called New Genosha) quick recovery after the attack. This was due to the island nation being integrated with a portion of the living mutant island known as Krakoa. Years before, the leader of the Acolytes, Exodus, discovered a meteorite containing living tissue from Krakoa, who had been launched into space years before in a battle with the X-men. Exodus used his knowledge of genetics and some of the same techniques used in his creation by the mutant Apocalypse to grow and enhance the Krakoan sample and spread it across the foundation of New Genosha. Now the island nation can create any structures and sustenance needed for its inhabitants.
  • Magneto is Dead, Long Live Magneto! Exodus stood along side Magneto during the attack, but what no one realized was that the real Eric Lehnsherr died in the attack. In the aftermath, Exodus saw mutants curse Lehnsherrs name and he began to believe that mutants were no better than humans in their pettiness and hatred. For many months, Exodus impersonated Magneto while establishing the new government. After Krakoas integration, he discovered he could simply make a replica of the fallen leader fully under his control using Krakoan “pods”.
  • To promote the false image of a nation of mutant and human harmony, the President invited representative of several nations to visit the island to see how far they had advanced. Secretly, many of the representatives had been replaced by pod people; sent back into the outside world with caches of Krakoan pods to continue replacing key individuals worldwide.
  • After the “Event”, many of the humans living on New Genosha gained superpowers, with many “lower-class” mutants having their powers significantly enhanced. This shift threatened to disrupt the balance of power on the tiny nation. Krakoa itself was also enhanced by the pulse wave, now capable of creating an army of “Peace Enforcers” at Exodus’ command.
President Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)
Old Genosha

The New Genosha School for Mutant Excellence and “Operative X”

  • The President of New Genosha, under the control of Exodus, forms an alliance with the villain organization the Cabal and establishes a training facility for mutants of low morality and violent tendencies. To gain the support of the Cabal, New Genosha would also have to accept powered human villains as well. Following the example of Victor von Doom in Latveria, Exodus knew he would need these “villains” to augment his Peace Enforcers in maintaining control and his grip on power, especially after the discovery of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base right under his nose!
  • Graduation Tool – Ahab’s Harpoon. This device creates a harpoon like construct of pure psychic energy. Any target hit with the harpoon receives a light stun that last 10 seconds (Hero). That same target is also tagged by the attack and can be tracked by the wielder for 3 minutes (Hero) of game time.
  • The mutant Lorna Dane aka Polaris had long suspected something was off about the rise of New Genosha and its President; her estranged father Eric Lehnsherr aka Magneto. When it went offline, the S.H.I.E.L.D. deep cover base located in Hammer Bay, was able to send one last communication. S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to track the communication to Polaris. The message was simply two words, “Project Joseph”. S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits Polaris now code-named Operative X to infiltrate New Genosha with a team of mutants and powered humans. Their directive was to discover the meaning of Project Joseph and exposed the truth about New Genosha.
Operative X


  • The Peace Enforcers – These biomechanical beings are created by the living biomass of the island combined with its technology to create “living” sentinels capable of temporally mimicking any superpower. Once targeted, a subject is drained of life force until subdued. Enforcers come in various configurations and can contain any threat up to a fully powered supervillain.
  • The Brotherhood – This group of young wealthy mutants who believe in mutant superiority. Members, many of whom are children of members of the Hellfire Club, enjoy a life of luxury on the island and often go unpunished as they abuse lower class mutants and humans.
  • The Lowtown Morlocks – Like their brethren beneath the sewers of New York City, the Lowtown Morlocks hate the society built on their backs and the lie that is mutant human harmony. They are often seen vandalizing property or using their powers to disrupt city supplies and utilities. They are untrusting of outsiders, especially humans.


  Heroes caught illegally accessing the zone will automatically be flagged for PvP, by level-appropriate villains. Villains will be on the lookout for Operative X recruits attempting to access various comm nodes across the city. Accessing these nodes will also flag a hero for PvP.

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