The Watcher's Introduction

The Early Marvel Universe

Billions of years before Man walked the Earth, cosmic forces clashed in a war to determine the balance of reality and life in the universe.

Spies, Lies, and Aliens

Men of mystery, superheroes, monsters, it's all true! Espionage meets Roswell as the Earth becomes embroiled in covert operations beyond this world!

Visions of the Future (Prelude to the "Event")

Is the future immutable? Two of the most powerful clairvoyants on Earth put that theory to the test!

When the Earth Sneezes whole Galaxies catch Cold

The Earth has become a breeding ground for some of the most powerful beings in the universe and the great cosmic empires are having an existential crisis over what to do about that "primitive, insignificant world"

Mythology No More! Demigods on Earth mean War in the Heavens

Earth has the highest number of deities of any world. These pantheons all see the chance for glory after the "Event" and eventually battle lines are drawn.

Legal Criminals and Illegal Criminals or How to make a Buck in a World of Superheroes

So now that almost 20% of the population has some kind of superpower, how does a crook make a decent living? You organize! Gangsters and CEOs see opportunity in the "Grand Solution"


Image: Ultimates Annual #1

Nick Fury

The name Nick Fury is the code-name given to the top field agent of SHIELD, named after the original Sgt. Fury, famous leader of the “Howling Commandos” from WWII. There have been 4 agents to hold this designator with the last becoming the Director of SHIELD, ending the practice

Image: Venom By Dopepope


The Symbiot known as Venom is a member of a formless, parasitic species that seeks out powerful hosts to bond with. Once the bond is complete, the Symbiot begins to consume the host until nothing is left. The Symbiot then returns to its hive to share it’s new knowledge and power.  Venom itself is considered an outcast for the cardinal sin of not consuming a host. Venom chose not to consume its current host Eddie Brock to use him as a vessel to get revenge on the only host to ever successfully reject it…Peter Parker!

Image: Big Hero 6 A Brave New World #1


Big Hero 6 is the premier hero team of Japan. There are dozens of members and is considered the “Fantastic Four of the East”. Coincidentally, they have inherited one of the Fantastic Fours earliest villains, the Mole Man, who frequently threatens Japan with attacks from Monster Island.

Image: Savage Hulk by Prabath Wijayantha

Bruce Banner / The Hulk

After a recent rampage, the Hulk is tricked into being launched out of the solar system. Panicked, the Hulk reverted to Banner, who reprogrammed the ships guidance system to crash back to Earth. Needless to say, he hasn’t forgiven the Initiative


Department H / Weapon X

Canada is in talks with the Initiative to establish a training facility under Department H. At the same time, a mysterious contracting firm has taken over the old Weapon X facility from Department K in Alberta.

Image: Magneto by Prabath Wijayantha

President Magneto

President Eric Lehnsherr of New Genosha announces a new orbital defense program for the island nation. World governments go on high alert as power spikes are detected on the previously dormant Asteroid M. Rumors persist of nuclear warheads hidden on the once stronghold of Magneto! (See: New Genosha World of Marvels)

IMAGE: Hell Riders by Terrence Burks

The Hell Riders

Dr. Strange secretly enlists the aid of the Ghost Rider to interdict demons attempting to enter the mortal plane. To aid him, Johnny Blaze enlists Carter Slade, Daniel Ketch, and Roberto Reyes. They become the Hell Riders! (See: Dead End Bar and Grill World of Marvels)



Founding member of the X-MEN, Warren Worthington III was transformed by the villain Apocalypse into the deadly Archangel. A peaceful man, Worthington transforms into the Archangel when enraged. With the help of Xavier and Jean Grey Angel was able to control his violent side much like Wolverine, who he has found a new respect for.

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